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Businesslike, the art of employee recruitment

Businesslike is an established and highly respected resource specializing in the recruitment and leasing of well trained and sought after professionals, from assistants & managers to specialized experts in their particular field.

Our key to successful placement is a seamless recruitment process in which we introduce our client companies to outstanding employees whose knowledge, skills, values and motivation match the company culture and its objectives.

A passion for recruitment

We firmly believe that success starts with putting the right people in the right place. As such, we do whatever it takes to help you find the ideal person for the position you have available. This is achieved via a cost-effective and speedy recruitment process in line with best practices.

Utilizing our experience and expertise is far more convenient than handling the recruitment process yourself. We care about our clients and are proud of how we keep potential applicants fully informed and up to date with all developments.

Businesslike – outstanding people for great companies

Businesslike is a proactive and professional recruitment boutique, authorised in recruitment and employee leasing. We believe that success starts with finding the right people for you.

Our goal is to make your recruitment process uncomplicated, and our services easy and enjoyable to use. We always aim at providing you with a service that exceeds your expectations.

Research and studies show that we have satisfied customers and employees year after year. Four out of five customers have rated their experience with us with a 9 or 10 out of 10. NPS given to us by our customers is over 70.

The secrets of success

Successful recruiting requires knowledge and skill in terms of planning and executing processes efficiently. However, it is not merely a question of processes but also of people and communication.

We provide you with professional customer service based on our long experience of solving recruitment problems for our clients. We pride ourselves in having satisfied customers who consider us a trustworthy, uncomplicated and effective partner in recruitment.

Benefits from working with us

We will only supply you the most suitable candidates that we have effectively evaluated through our own network of high quality recruits or that we have selected and interviewed from a vast multitude of potential recruits from a set of search channels, including social media channels.

We have the ability to bring you the best result in the desired time frame – we manage schedules, even tight ones.

We know how to present and “sell” the position and your company to the applicants in a compelling and motivating manner starting with an experience of writing compelling job adverts.

Regular updates on the entire recruitment process ensure all parties feel enthusiastic and actively involved.

Our reputation as a quality recruiting partner to our clients is uncompromised.

Trusted recruitment partner

Businesslike is a member of the Private Employment Agencies Association HELA and follows the code of conduct, general terms and conditions of the industry.

Businesslike has been awarded the Kauppalahti Achievers and the Strongest in Finland Platinum certificates.

Businesslike is one the leading companies in the employment agencies industry in Finland.

Recruitment options and personnel leasing

We offer you excellent networks of potential employees, we never start from scratch

We set the highest standards for our recruitment processes and results both in recruitments and personnel leasing. The applicants we evaluate must be suitable in terms of their professional competence, ability to co-operate, motivation and service-focused attitude.

We take into account education, experience and a desire for continuous learning. But certificates only prove so much and an interview allows us to truly evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the position.

Thus we only present our clients with candidates that we have interviewed and evaluated ourselves – candidates we can fully and genuinely recommend!

Our consultants are experienced and expert professionals with the insight and ability to meet the demands of the most demanding recruitment situations.

Different clients have different expectations and requirements. Therefore we offer our clients different recruitment processes for different purposes:


Recruitment Solution –
Search and Selection

Read more

Recruitment Solution –
Recruit and Retain

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Personnel Leasing

Read more

Smooth recruitment process

Finding the right person to fill a valued role in your company requires; experience, skill and a well-structured and managed recruitment process. This is why we have perfected our entire recruitment process which includes the following key elements:


Outlining and defining the position’s tasks and responsibilities.

The right channels and effective communication

Selecting the most effective media channels to secure the ideal candidate for you. Utilizing Businesslike’s own contacts and networks in addition (Hybride Search). Writing an effective candidate advert and handling all media communications.

The short-list

Thoroughly analysing all applications before short-listing candidates for initial interview. Comprehensively handling potential candidates background information.

Personal interviews

Conducting constructive personal interviews.

Presentation of candidates

Presentation of candidates, arranging interviews and managing schedules.


Providing personalized feedback to all applicants including those that were not selected. Reporting on the search processes different phases and stages.

Our services are diverse and we will help you during every step of the process that will lead to you finding the perfect employee for your vacant role. As all clients have different needs, we have tailored our services to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whilst some of our clients require us to handle the entire recruitment process, others might only require assistance with certain parts of the process.

Planning to recruit someone

Contact us

Marju Vuorensalmi
Senior Consultant, Partner

+358 40 9210 805
marju.vuorensalmi [at]

Outi Ahorinta
Senior People and Talent Consultant

+358 40 9210 807
outi.ahorinta [at]

Helsinki, FINLAND
firstname.surname (at)

Are you looking to recruit someone?

At the heart of our expertise lies, a smooth recruitment process and we are dedicated to finding you a recruit who is ideally suited to your team – a professional whose skills, values, attitude, and motivation fit with your company’s short and long-term goals. Our services extend to both permanent and temporary recruits (personnel leasing).

Send us your contact details and a contact request and we will be in touch with you the next working day the latest.

We will work with you to put together a plan that is specifically designed to achieve your objective.


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    Our personnel leasing gives you flexibility

    Choosing an personnel leasing service is the fastest and most flexible option when you are in need of a temporary employee. Perhaps you need someone to assist in a project or during peak seasons, or in situations when the organisation is not able to recruit an employee directly.

    Motivated employees perform well

    Studies show that the temporary employees placed by Businesslike are content and fully motivated. Our reputation as a recruiter also tops the charts of similar businesses. According to the Results of The Study of Temporary Agency Work 2014, we are known to care for the wellbeing of the employee we find placements for, their work contracts and preferred tasks and duties. We are known to take care of employment issues professionally and responsibly. The people we work with consider us a high quality service and a successful business.

    Motivated employees perform well and support your reputation by acting as ambassadors for your company.

    By choosing Businesslike personnel leasing services, you will immediately benefit from our following code of conduct:

    A properly managed recruitment process increases the feeling of trust in employee relations and builds the company’s reputation for well-managed recruitment processes. This, in turn, will bear fruit in the future.

    Convenient recruitment

    Recruit and Retain is a unique successful recruitment model that ideally suits for many cases. We take care of the recruitment process by offering our supervision and assistance during a test period you and the employee both agree upon.

    We regularly communicate with the employee to see how they are performing and if they are happy and fulfilled in their new position. If either party has questions or an issue they wish to resolve, we can be the ideal pivotal middle-man, who will always try our utmost to resolve the situation in a refined professional manner.

    At the end of the employee’s initial trial period of their new role, they can be recruited into the company as a permanent employee. The trial period gives both the company and the employee time to make sure that they have both made the right choice.

    We set the highest standards for our recruitment

    Our Search and Selection is in most cases so called Hybrid Search which combines our own networks and contacts as well as advertising. The Hybrid Search reaches a large audience and is a very quick process. It is ideal for when you want to recruit the employee quickly, easily and according to the best recruitment standards.

    The Network Search draws on our own networks and contacts and does not involve advertising.

    You can also request that Businesslike performs only part of the recruitment process, for example the preliminary evaluation and interviews based on the replies to a job advert. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further assistance or more information about this service – we are here to help you find the right solution.