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Our clients tell how we stand out from our competitors

According to our clients, an excellent customer experience forms the very core of Businesslike’s operations. Lately, the world of recruitment has changed and the demand for flexibility has increased. Therefore, in order to develop our services and customer experience, we at Businesslike wanted to have researched facts about our corporate clients. Hence, in February 2019 we selected the customer experience agency Kuulas Helsinki to conduct a customer survey in the form of detailed phone interviews on behalf of Businesslike.

The topics for the survey were as follows: Business image and competitors, recruitment trends and expectations as well as customer experience.


Businesslike is swift and professional and you hear about them through recommendations According to the interviews, our clients consider Businesslike to be swift, easy and professional. The attributes our clients used in the survey were: friendly, fast, efficient, professional, customer orientated, personal and positive.

Businesslike’s corporate clients consider us to be a” boutique” that they initially heard of via someone else recommending us. Not too seldom the interviewed person had actually got to know Businesslike by sitting at the other end of the table.

Our size is our strength

Our clients considered our small size, as well as our consultants’ broad knowledge in their field and our own pool of recruitment candidates to be company virtues.

Businesslike’s size was considered foremost a strength in comparison to its competitors. Flexibility and fast action respond well to the modern demands of clients looking for good recruitment services.

The majority of those that took part in the survey said Businesslike was able to provide all required services which, was the main reason why they wanted to continue using us as their selected recruitment partner.

Agencies such as Eilakaisla, Studentwork, Academic Work, Manpower, Adecco and Mercuri Urval were perceived to beBusinesslike’s main competitors.

How does Businesslike stand out from its competitors?

They are small yet flexible. Their services are built around the client, and they’re personable and friendly. It feels like they have plenty of time for us although they have a lot of cases to deal with. They truly listen to their client’s needs and work fast; last time we required to have candidates within only a couple of days, and we got some very good ones to consider through Businesslike. The friendliness and caring attitude truly shows and distinguishes Businesslike from the crowd.

  • Flexible and fast
  • Customer orientated
  • Easily approachable
  • Works to get to know the client’s business and work environment
  • Good pricing

In cases when the client turned to Businesslike and a competitor or a competitor instead of Businesslike, the client was looking to recruit a large number of employees (so called mass recruitment) or an employee from a field we didn’t specialise in. When other agencies were used in it was sometimes a case where Businesslike was not able to offer a suitable candidate.


Recruitment agencies are expected to have the ability to respond to modern trends and changed demands but the use of AI divided people’s opinions.

Recruitment trends that stood out according to the survey:

  • Lack of skilled people and tough competition of the best experts
  • Increased staff turnover and a hectic recruitment phase as aresult of this trend
  • Increased use of fixed term employment and personnel leasing
  • Increased significance of social media and own networks in recruitment processes

Increased recruitment needs and tougher deadlines

Lately, the recruitment needs have increased as a result of expanded business size or increased staff turnover. Especially younger employees were considered to change jobs more frequently than before, and this has resulted in an increased demand for easy recruitment processes.

Lack of skilled people

When evaluating applicants, an increased focus was placed on good communication skills and know-how. In addition, applicants were expected to have good skills in English and an ability to commit to their work and adapt to changes. The interviewed clients found it a real challenge to find these sort of people nowadays.

Making the own company look tempting and interesting

Because the competition is so tough when it comes to finding the right sort of people, it has also become a challenge to make the own company look good in comparison to competitors.

Better results with professional help

The recruitment process needs to be swift and effective, and it can’t be too heavy for the applicant either. You have to be able to screen and pick out high quality candidates, and to know the
needs and wishes of your client.

Recruiters are expected to be professionals as this brings insight, ideas and added value to the recruitment process and the process of attracting the right applicants. Professionalism also means that the process is done diligently, observantly and thoroughly. Thanks to the expertise, recruitment agencies have the ability to describe the job roles and the recruiting company in the right way to the applicants. Effectiveness and speed must never tax the down to earth and humane approach required in these kind of processes.

Tailored solutions, time to listen to the client and getting to know their business were seen as a hallmark of quality. The result from using a service, always has to be better than if you would do it yourself.


Businesslike’s recruitment processes are extremely effortless, according to the survey. Businesslike is reliable, and you never have to worry about how the recruitment process is proceeding when using their services. The interviewed clients experienced that they always had the option to influence the process because of the ongoing dialogue with Businesslike. This dialogue was found to be a true strength, and there was never a problem with discussing anything, even challenges were dealt with openly.

A very smooth process is all I can say, and that is why we use Businesslike. We can always trust that we receive help fast. When you know that the process is going to proceed well, it is easy to call them up and ask for help.

The recruitments have been successful, and they’ve been sought after. In a way you might initially think that once a recruitment is finished, then that’s that! However, we were at a later stage asked how the recruitment had worked for us, and this was a pleasant and positive surprise to us. During the process we also got to meet the person conducting the recruitment, and this was a nice surprise too.

Businesslike has fulfilled their clients’ expectations very well Businesslike has an NPS of exactly 70.

10. I can fully recommend them. I am amazed that they were able to pick up exactly what we wanted based on our discussions; the ability to read people and offer insight is exactly what we needed. I am truly positively surprised by the whole experience.

Mainly all expectations were fulfilled. Perhaps, now you realise that as the world is getting more complex, you have to come up with new ways how to attract people. We never needed to worry about whether or not we’ll get candidates to look at from Businesslike.

What NPS (Net Promoter Score)?

The question is:” On a scale from 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend our company to your colleagues?

If a company has an NPS with over 50 points, it is considered excellent, and over 70 it’s world class.

Clients that score your business with a 9-10 are called promoters and recommenders. They are significant for the company’s credibility and reputation.

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Senior Consultat, Partner
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