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Fiskars Appreciates Agility

Fiskars appreciates agility

Change is fast at Fiskars, which demands both in-house employees as well as business partners to be agile and flexible. However, Businesslike and Fiskars have successfully co-operated for several years and worked together on numerous productive recruitment tasks.

– Businesslike is an intrinsically agile partner, which I like. They have, on many occasions, brought in their expertise and helped us successfully complete recruitment tasks in the Finnish market, says Tiina Hildén, HR manager at Fiskars.

-It is important for us that our business partners have the ability to listen to our needs and understand our requirements in specific situations, and to present us with a suitable set of high-quality candidates in a fast and cost-effective way.


Fiskars doesn’t have a globally centralised recruitment organisation. However, they have a total of 70 HR professionals, out of which 10 are located in Finland, currently working for the global corporation.

At Fiskars, the HR organisation is focused on supporting the business activities and actively takes part in all employment matters during the entire lifespan of each term of employment.
Fast change and growth adds its own challenges to HR work, for example, in 2016 Fiskars made an acquisition that almost doubled its business. Because of this growth, HR has been busy introducing business practices and processes for new colleagues and together created new processes for all those areas where there were none before.

Depending on the time available, HR may be dealing with a number of different things. That is why it is important to plan how to use time effectively. A recruitment partner helps considerably when trying to run daily matters.


However, saving time is not the only reason for Fiskars to use a recruitment partner.

– Potential employees are not always on the look out for new work, and they have to be enticed into the process. This is another reason why we want to use an external partner in our recruitment processes, says Hildén.


At Fiskars, we pay special attention to how motivated an applicant is. We believe that when a person is motivated to work on something it brings better results. Head of HR at Fiskars Tiina Hildén assures us that an international field of business does not change this matter.

-This is a universal fact. Motivation is not tied to a specific culture.

At Fiskars, we also appreciate ability and preparedness to change, continuous personal development, initiative and proactivity.

-In addition, we value good co-operation skills as well as the ability to influence and network, says Hildén.

Fiskars is a global leading seller of branded consumer goods for the home, garden and outdoors. It is the oldest Finnish company presently operating and is listed each year among companies with the best reputations in Finland. The company employs approximately 9,000 people in 30 countries.


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